Evanston Partners LLC is a private equity investment firm which partners with management teams to recapitalize, acquire and build small growth companies. We seek to work with partners who demonstrate passion, integrity and strong work ethic and to build already profitable companies with a long-term focus on value creation.

While we have exceptional investing experience in a number of specific consumer and commercial industries, we are opportunistic in our approach and pursue investments in a wide range of industries. Our specific areas of investment expertise include food and food related manufacturing and distribution, packaging and niche consumer products and services.

We are differentiated from other investors by our willingness to pursue truly small companies that may not be attractive opportunities to other lower-middle market private equity investors. While we will consider larger opportunities that fit with our expertise, we will actively pursue investments in companies with as little as $500,000 in EBITDA. Ideal opportunities have historical revenue of $5 million to $20 million, are profitable, growing and seeking a long term growth partner to accelerate that growth.